Is a wonderful way to lose weight quickly, on average 1/2 to 2 lbs a DAY.  It resets your metabolism and helps you to take back control over food. It targets the hard to lose fat on your hips, thighs, and stomach.  Once you lose weight you can eat all the foods you love.  It also helps to reset your new weight so you can maintain your weight loss.



This is an exciting new way to cleanse your system, get back to the way we all should eat and lose 10 to 20 pounds in a month.  It comes with everything you need in one package.


This is an exciting new program that utilizes are all-natural supplements and HCG in a way to help you lose weight and feel great while learning how to make good food choices.


This is the next step towards getting rid of the remaining weight, learning what foods work for you and changing your metabolism.  


This is the most important part of the plan.  Our maintenance teaches you what foods are "safe" and what foods are "challenge" foods for you.  We teach you how to maintain your new weight and eat all the foods you love.


Lomaira: Appetite suppressant and speeds up metabolism.  This medication is shorter-acting then Phentermine.  It gives you more control over your hunger level with fewer side effects.


Phentermine: Appetite suppressant, speeds up metabolism.  This medication makes you not hungry and therefore helps you to make good food choices.  It is a great tool to help you take control over food while learning to make good food choices.  You must meet all FDA guidelines to qualify.


Topamax:  In large doses, this medication is used to treat migraines and seizures but in smaller doses patients report that it changes the way things taste.  Cokes taste acidity, sweets don't seem to have the same appeal. People report feeling fuller faster.  You take it at bedtime so if taken with Phentermine it can help take the edge off and help sleep.





Our nutritional program teaches how to eat real food in a way that will help you lose weight. The program teaches you how to make good choices.  We believe the restriction is simply setting yourself up for failure.  We do not believe in failure. We believe in SUCCESS!!



Lipo Injections contain a substance that decreases the deposit and/or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. It contains all of the B Vitamins, which is going to give you energy and then additional amino acids, which helps your body on the cellular level with things like hair, nail, brain fog, metabolism, cholesterol and more. These are a great boost to any weight loss program.


We also offer natural supplements that can compliment

ANY of our plans and are just as effective

if not more than prescription medications.