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November 11, 2016

Our body has a hard time recognizing things we eat, that are not real food? Well, artificial sweetener is one of those things. Did you know that the Diet soda container at the movie theater needs to be replaced every few months, opposed to the regular soda dispenser?...

 A shortage of shut eye can leave you feeling tired, cranky, hungry and irritable. But it turns out, a lack of sleep can affect you in a lot of ways that go beyond triggering those basic feelings. And that’s a problem, since 53 percent of Americans are snoozing less th...

Whether you occasionally raid the drive-thru or keep your desk drawer stocked with candy, you probably have a go-to craving. But what’s behind the hankering?

Discover these four scientific truths about cravings, and learn how to crush yours. 

1. Cravings Start In Your Br...